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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. The vast majority of retail client accounts lose money when trading in CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
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100% bonus & instant account
100% withdrawable bonus
Instant account opening and convenient deposit/withdrawal
Up to 500 leverage
Activate your account with only $10
Able to use EA
Unlimited trading period

Instant account opening and deposit100%The bonus will be automatically credited to your account. One account that enables you to enjoy the fun of speedy trading

Instant account Classic account
Minimum deposit $10 $50
Available base currency GBP,EUR,USD GBP,EUR,USD
Account leverage 1-500 1-400
Minimum trading volume 0.01 0.01
Stop-out ratio 100% 100%
Processing fees $0 $0
Bonus ratio 100% 10%

You are just one step (account) away from the speedy trading experience

Submit an account opening application (one-click submission for existing client in client area) to open an instant account
Deposit bonuses are credited to your account instantly
Start your trading journey instantly

What is an instant account with 100% bonus?

This account is suitable for clients who have just started trading in the forex and CFD markets. The minimum deposit to activate the account is 10 US dollars, and it comes with a 100% bonus (up to 1000 US dollars) which is automatically credited to your account. Therefore, you have doubled the available trading funds. After trading 30% of the bonus amount, the bonus can be withdrawable.

What are the bonus rules and withdrawal rules for the instant accounts?

This instant account comes with 100% bonus (up to $1000). When the account equity/credit = 120%, the bonus will be removed. The bonus will change with the net deposit. For example, if the client deposits $1000, the profit is $500, and the withdrawal is $700, then the net deposit is 1000+500-700 = $800, Therefore, the credit will be adjusted to $800, the client needs to complete 800 *30% =240 standard lot.

Who can apply for this instant account with 100% bonus? What products can be traded?

All clients who use the CWG trading platform can apply. Each ID can open three 100% bonus instant accounts. All other products on the CWG MT4 platform except index, COPPER and NGAS can be traded in this type of account.

* Please read the full terms and conditions carefully:
  • 1. CWG instant account is only applicable to MT4 account, each ID can open 3 100% bonus instant accounts;
  • 2. The minimum deposit of the instant account is $10 and a 100% bonus will be credited to your account automatically. The bonus is included in the credit (maximum $1000 credit, when the account equity/credit ≤120%, the bonus will be removed);
  • 3. The bonus credit amount changes with the net deposit. When the account net deposit increases, the credit amount increases at the same time, and the maximum amount does not exceed $1000. When the account net deposit decreases, the credit amount decreases at the same time.
    For example: clients deposit $1000, the profit is $500, and withdrawal is $700, then the net deposit is 1000+500-700 = $800, and the credit will be adjusted to $800 accordingly.
  • 4. When the account has completed the standard lot of 30% of the bonus amount, you can apply to convert the bonus into a balance for trading or withdrawal. The opening and closing orders of the instant account should not be less than 3 minutes. If the non-compliant orders exceed 50% of the total, the bonus will be directly withdrawn and you will be responsible for the trading losses.
    For example, if the client deposits $1000 and is credited $1000, the client needs to complete 1000 * 0.3 = 300 standard lot. If the client withdraws $500, the credit will be reduced to $500. If the client wants to withdraw the $500 credit, the client needs to complete 500 * 0.3 = 150 standard lot.
  • 5. The instant account warning ratio is 150% and the stop-out ratio is 100%. All other products on the CWG MT4 platform except the index, COPPER and NGAS can be traded in the instant account;
  • 6. Forex & CFD leverage adjustment rules for instant account are as follows:
  • Instant Account Leverage Rules (Forex)
    1:500 $10≤net value<$5000
    1:400 $5000≤net value<$30000
    1:200 $30000≤net value
    CFD products leverage adjustment (not adjusted with net value)
    Regular time 1:200
    Data time 1:100
    CFD products: precious metals (excluding crude oil products)
  • 7.The leverage of the instant account may change before major financial news releases, holidays and during weekends. Prior to the change, CWG will send an email notification. The leverage of forex may be reduced to 200, and the gold and silver may be reduced to 100:
  • 1) News release: During the period from 30 minutes before the release of the major financial news(U.K., U.S.A, Europe and Japan)to the 30 minutes after the release, if a position is opened for the affected products, the margin is calculated based on the maximum available leverage of forex (1: 200) and precious metals (1: 100);
  • 2) Weekend: Platform time (GMT + 3 in summer time, GMT + 2 in winter time) New positions from 22:00 on Friday (2 hours before the closing of the forex market) to 2:00 on Monday (two hours after the opening of the forex market), available maximum leverage is 1: 200 for forex and 1: 100 for precious metals;
  • 3) Holidays: During holidays, the leverage may also be reduced based on the risk assessment. Notification will be made.
  • 8.Note for the impact of the instant account leverage adjustment on the order: the leverage of the original position and the newly placed order during the restriction period will be reduced;
  • 9.In order to protect clients from the negative effects of severe market fluctuations and rapid market changes, CWG Markets reserves the right to change the leverage of all trading products when necessary without prior notice;
  • 10.After the instant account meets the trading requirements, please contact our designated email( within 30 days via your registered email address. Please include account number + deposit amount + bonus amount + the account number you would like to transfer your bonus into (the recipient account can only be the account under the same name but a different account type), CWG will review the trading account within 3 working days and transfer the bonus into the account balance;
  • 11.Instant account cannot be applied to MAM;
  • 12.No hedging and arbitrage is allowed in the instant account. Otherwise, CWG has the right to cancel its bonus eligibility and profit;
  • 13.CWG reserves the right to change the terms of the event or cancel the event at any time;
  • 14.This event is organised by CWG Markets (SVG), and the final interpretation right belongs to CWG Markets (SVG)。